Greg Montgomery, CTO, MiniMonos

Breakout A1: Fun & Games – the virtual learning world of MiniMonos

  • Location 1320-1400: Breakout Room A. Oceania

Breakout A1 Presentation Slides


In this breakout session, Chief Technical Officer Greg Montgomery, will share MiniMonos’s amazing story.


MiniMonos has created a virtual world for children who love to play and learn how to love the planet. He will cover some of the hard-learned lessons of exporting, the importance of finding the right markets, managing a digital business from New Zealand with international clients, and approaches to offshore partnerships.

About the speaker

Greg is a passionate innovator, entrepreneur and tech monkey with 20 years in the software industry. His obsession with computers and games kicked off as an eleven year old after writing his first game on the ZX81! This moment set him on a path towards a career in the software industry.


Greg loves the pace of change in the electronic entertainment industry and thrives on the opportunity to find innovative and engaging ways to play, have fun and learn about the planet.

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