Breakout B3: What’s happening? – EdTech in overseas education and school settings

  • Location 1500-1540. Breakout Room B. Oceania

Breakout B3 Presentation Slides

In this breakout session, Nick Billowes, Director of Development at CORE Education, will unpack what’s happening in schools and education authorities overseas.   He will consider how online tools and environments are influencing teacher practice, and discuss the implications of new developments such as the ‘flipped classroom’ to the Edtech sector.

About the speaker

Nick describes his role as entailing “a rather itinerant life”, travelling nationally and internationally to establish partnerships, explore new initiatives and identify project opportunities.  His commitment to new technologies and his passion for professional development, plus his role as convener of New Zealand’s internationally renowned annual ICT conferences for teachers, enables Nick to offer unique insights in a rapidly changing education sector.

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