Breakout A4: Augmented Reality – here and now

  • Location 1540-1620: Breakout Room A. Oceania

Breakout A4 Video & Breakout A4 Presentation Slides


HIT Lab NZ’s mission is to empower people through the invention, development, transition and commercialisation of technologies that unlock the power of human intelligence and link minds globally.


In this breakout session, Andreas Dünser from HIT Lab NZ will share its latest work in developing world-class Augmented Reality (AR) products and services, and the EdTech export opportunities these offer. Included will be demonstrations of augmented reality developments, such as using mobile AR for outdoor educational experiences, and AR-enriched digital publishing for the classroom. Currently available products will be presented, as well as research showing the near term commercial possibilities.

 About the speaker

Andreas is a Senior Research Scientist at the HIT Lab NZ researching psychological aspects of interacting and learning with emerging technologies with a special focus on Augmented Reality. His work focuses on interaction design, evaluating user experiences with novel computer interfaces, and the application of AR and VR based technologies in areas such as education, training, assessment, and rehabilitation.


Before joining the HIT Lab NZ he worked as research assistant at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna, where he received his PhD and at the Interactive Media Systems Group at the Vienna University of Technology.

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