Breakout A3: Start Up to Baby Steps – early adventures in EdTech export

  • Location 1500-1540. Breakout Room A. Oceania

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Not all export-focused EdTech companies are in “been there, done that” mode – some are still in the process of “doing”.  In this breakout, co-founders Gabriel Smith and James Fitzsimons will share the story so far of their young company Avancert.


Avancert is a Software as a Service company with a mission to make electronic assessment easy and affordable for organizations of all sizes, ensuring “inefficient, wrote learnt, paper-based examinations are a thing of the past”.


Gabriel and James will describe how the company has moved from a Creative HQ start-up graduate to finding its feet in the real world.  The company is now delivering services worldwide via its hosted solution with points of contact in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and further afield.


They will discuss their export goals, the sectors they are targeting (“from aircraft pilots through to skilled professionals, anywhere where a license or qualification of sorts is required”), and the progress they have made in attracting the world’s attention.

 About the speaker

Gabriel has worked for over 15 years in the software development industry. His experience ranges from DotCom start-ups and product development through to corporate consulting & enterprise architecture.


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