eT4e Edtech for Export - exploring New Zealand export opportunities in the global $257 billion dollar EdTech sector .

Keynote 1: Global market trends in EdTech – an international perspective

Lee Wilson

  • Role CEO Filament Games
  • Organisation Filament Games
  • Location Wisconsin, USA
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Keynote 2: Educational trends in EdTech – an academic perspective

Dr Erkki Sutinen

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Keynote 3: Export Learnings – an export perspective

Jan Zawadzki

  • Role Founder of Hapara
  • Organisation Hapara
  • Location California, USA
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Keynote 4: Business Opportunities – an international investment perspective

Jennifer Carolan

  • Role Head of NewSchools Seed Fund
  • Organisation Seed Fund
  • Location California, USA
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Keynote 5: Inspirational Business Speaker

Sue Watson

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Breakout Speakers

The conference featured two breakout streams. Stream A focused on export case histories while Stream B focused on export education information.

Breakout A1: Double Bill- Digital Publishing

Noeline Anderson, Pixel house and David Ellis, NZCER will share their digital publishing expertise in identifying, utilizing and creating interactive products and services for education providers and practioners.

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Breakout B1: ‘Building a business of impact’

Celebrating the questions and problems that come with designing a Wellington based business for global and social impact – Silvia will share her learnings thus far. Come learn about the critical factors that any entrepreneur needs to know, to build a resilient and successful business for todays socially minded and globally connected society.

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Breakout A2: Double Bill- Online Learning

Adrian Sallis from Vital English and David Cameron from LearnKo are both apt in online learning and will be sharing their insights as founders of EdTech companies with a global footprint that helps education providers recruit, convert and education international students all from the cloud.

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Breakout B2: ‘Design Thinking for EdTech Businesses’

Chris Meade is the Head of Strategy for Designworks in Wellington who enjoys solving business challenges through design thinking.

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Breakout A3: Double Bill- Gaming and Apps

Maru Nihoniho, Metia Interactive and Chris Bulman, Custard Square will address the natural marriage between education and gaming in today’s technological world as leaders in the gaming and apps industry.

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Breakout B3: ‘Investors and Expansion’

Dave Moskovitz is a professional director and startup investor. He’s invested in a number of New Zealand startups that are now performing on the world stage, and is also on the Open Polytechnic Council.

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