Panel 1 | The Importance of User Needs and a Customer Centric Approach

Peter Dixon (NZ)
General Manager and Co-Founder, Story Park
Shane Smith (NZ)
CIO and Co-founder, Education Perfect
Mike Walmsley (NZ)
Founder, CodeAvengers
Panel 1 Q&A

Keynote 2 | EXPERIENCE: Market Perspectives

Allison Baum (HK)
Managing Director, Fresco Capital

Panel 2 | The Road to Export Markets

Andy Cooper (NZ
Software Education
Chris Wright (NZ)
Head of Business Development, ADInstruments & KuraCloud
Siah Hwee Ang (NZ)
Professor, Victoria University of Wellington
Panel 2 Q&A

Panel 3 | Empowering Schools, Teachers and Students through Technology

Steven Renata (NZ)
Founder, KIWA® Digital
Neale Pitches (NZ)
Executive Chairman,South Pacific Press
Panel 3 Q&A

Keynote 3 | CHALLENGE: Where EdTech is heading

Frank Catalano (US)
Principal, Intrinsic Strategy