Panel 3 | Empowering Schools, Teachers and Students through Technology

Steven Renata

Steven Renata

Organisation: KIWA® Digital
Role: Founder
Location: New Zealand

KIWA® is the world’s leading production house for experiential digital books. Partnering with publishers and other content owners, we bring content to life in revolutionary new digital formats that are proven to deepen engagement and understanding.

Steven Renata is the Global Business Development Director. The previous 20 years were dedicated to building a global wellness company. During that time they grew from a small start-up to a $100M business in over 100 countries touching the lives of millions every week. The experience of creating a global movement offers insights on how tribes emerge, survive and thrive.

As a leader the experience also shaped his views on creating high performance teams. He now observes and influences through the lens of Tribal Leadership. This approach focuses on language and relationships that drive performance in a sustainable manner.

He lives in Kumeu, West Auckland with his wife, Susan and daughter Grace. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, music, food, viticulture, and travel.