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What’s for Lunch?

What’s for Lunch? is a curriculum-linked program for primary schools that has children exploring the food we eat, where it comes from, why it is good for us and most importantly – what it tastes like.

What’s for Lunch? has built a program of digital interactive stories that educate, engage and empower 3-8 year olds to make healthy food choices. With the guidance of awesome characters, children will be taken on a food adventure, reading interactive stories and completing activities that show where different foods come from, how they are eaten and prepared, why they are good for us and what they taste like.

Amy Burrell visits New Zealand growers/farmers and then creates an interactive story about where the specific food comes from. Each week pupils have access to the new ‘food of the week’ interactive story, science experiment, cooking recipe, worksheet and merit award via the ‘What’s for Lunch?’ platform.

Children are taking their learning home and requesting healthy snacks and meals at home. The program is a huge success and this is tribute to everyone involved including the schools and pupils.

For more information

Contact Name: Amy Burrell
Contact Email: amy@whatsforlunch.co.nz
Region: Wellington
Industry / Sector: Education Technology
Website: http://www.whatsforlunch.co.nz/