Trailblazer is an application that supports student-directed learning in 1:1 or BYOD environments. A Google Chrome application, it unlocks new ways for students to direct their own learning—and for teachers to guide that learning.

As a student, Trailblazer helps you find your way across the web, gather information and take notes. It replaces dozens of browser tabs with a map that shows you where you are, how you got here, and where to go next. Trailblazer puts your whole train of thought out in front of you, keeping you on track.

Teachers, through the map, can see their students’ thought process unfold in real time. Trailblazer also lets them see how deeply or widely the student is researching; answering the question: “Are my students really learning to learn, or are they just sticking to Wikipedia?” This enables teachers to support their students’ online research on an individual basis, and provides a new way to assess their students’ inquiry. This frees teachers to teach students how to learn.

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