ReGear Learning

ReGear Learning specialises in Digital and Mobile Learning Solutions for your business or learning institution. They create learning resources for mobile and help with strategy and implementation.

ReGear Learning manages the production of engaging interactive, pedagogically sound learning resources for mobile platforms. They will work with you to develop the ideal resources, with appropriate analytics and back-office reporting, so you can be assured that not only are you providing a meaningful learning experience, you are fully aware of how your staff or students are performing as they progress.

ReGear Learning also works in strategy and implementation. They can help with:

  • Strategy development for better use of your learning content in terms of digital delivery and new mobile channels.
  • Coaching management and staff to benefit from mobile and digital delivery channels, methods, content and tools.
  • Digital content production in style with cost-effectiveness and high quality.
  • Learning outcome evaluations and improvement strategies.
  • Learning management system implementations and improvements.

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