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Rad Rhythm

Rad Rhythm is the brainchild of two friends who found an old shed among the ruins of a World War II hospital and spent a lot of time jamming there. They now each have their own companies in the creative sector and have joined forces again to boost musical education into the 21st Century. Jonny Wilson, Director of Goodtime Music Academy has one goal only – and that is to give every child in NZ access to music lessons. Ben Forman, Director of Stem Creative, Sycamore Ltd and now Rad Rhythm, aims to move education online so that it is alive, adaptable and moves forward with the world around us.

Jonny and Ben believe that music has a huge effect, not only creative minds, but that it links through to all aspects of life – from social interaction to mathematical thought. They feel that music plays a major part in all development and they believe they have worked that into the Rad Rhythm program.

Rad Rhythm course is a complex programme that aims to achieve goals on a number of levels:

  1. To enable teachers without musical skills to teach music
  2. To offer schools an affordable and effective music programme
  3.  To provide an online, relevant and highly interactive learning platform that is in line with what the children of today expect and deserve.
  4. To teach children the fundamentals of music and encourage them to think “outside the square”.

It may sound primal to encourage children to hit trash cans with sticks, and on one level it is, but that is the entry portal that leads to so much more. The course is designed to teach children the very basic and fundamental truths of musical theory and rhythm. This is something that schools sometimes struggle to teach – so that is where Rad Rhythm can help – and this course is just the beginning. The aim is for Rad Rhythm to become a mainstay in the educational field creating various online programs that both help teachers and educate children.

For more information

Contact Name: Jonny Wilson
Contact Email: jonny@goodtimemusicacademy.co.nz
Region: Wellington
Industry / Sector: Education Technology
Website: http://www.radrhythm.co.nz/