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Pixelbook are an independent, award-winning digital publisher based in Napier, New Zealand  founded in 2012.

Pixelbook builds and sells unique and innovative EPUB ebooks. Whilst also helping to construct your ideas, words and art into a thoughtful and ground-breaking software solution ready for the world.

They work with independent authors and publishers and are looking for books in the non-fiction or children genres.

Pixelbook can also help construct a software back-end to your content. Ensuring it is streamlined, consistant and standardised. Their fixed-layout EPUB ebooks are made using their own inhouse built software. This uses an XML datasheet to construct the book making IT flexible and easily adaptable to your own business/project needs.

For more information

Contact Name: Stephen Clarke
Contact Email: steve@pixelbook.co
Contact Phone: 021 871 123
Region: Napier
Industry / Sector: E-Publishing
Website: http://pixelbook.co/v1/p/Shop/
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