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Pixelbook are an independent, award-winning digital publisher based in Napier, New Zealand  founded in 2012. Pixelbook builds and sells unique and innovative EPUB ebooks. Whilst also helping to construct your ideas, words and art into a thoughtful and ground-breaking software solution ready for the world. They work with independent authors and publishers and are looking for(...) Read more


Pixelhouse Ltd

Pixelhouse captures the art of learning in the digital space. At the heart of our business is art. creativity, imagination and learning. NZ has a strong history of a creative approach to teaching and learning. Read more



Rabid is a technology company based in Wellington, New Zealand. They are experts in modern web development, with wide interests and top-notch skills. They contribute to open source communities and favour projects that do good. Read more

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Rad Rhythm

Rad Rhythm is the brainchild of two friends who found an old shed among the ruins of a World War II hospital and spent a lot of time jamming there. They now each have their own companies in the creative sector and have joined forces again to boost musical education into the 21st Century. Read more


ReGear Learning

ReGear Learning specialises in Digital and Mobile Learning Solutions for your business or learning institution. They create learning resources for mobile and help with strategy and implementation. Read more

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School Apps New Zealand

We build premium School Apps for schools all around New Zealand connecting parents, teachers, students and the wider school community. We believe in great visual and user experience design, making sure each and every user is engaged with your school on a daily basis through their mobile device. We are based in the Hawke’s Bay(...) Read more

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Sharp Reading

SharpReading is an approach to reading instruction based on 10 years of action research at NZGSE. It is for the mainstream classroom but also has huge applications for English as a second language learners, students with learning disabilities and homeschooling. Read more

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Shoreline Partners Limited

Shoreline Partners is a boutique advisory firm for digital companies. Executive director, Brian Steele has a background in Business Planning alongside Mergers & Acquisitions from time spent in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Read more

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Skylight is a New Zealand not for profit supporting all ages through life's toughest situations. They develop information and resources that assist students and teachers to deal with challenging personal issues, build up personal resilience, increase emotional literacy and remove barriers that prevent effective learning. Read more

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Software Education

Established in 1990, Software Education are the internationally recognised local experts in software development training. Read more