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We start from the premise that everyone can improve.  Think of the best performing people that you have ever worked with.  Do they stop learning and improving?  Probably not. This means there is always a gap between what people and organisations are achieving today and what we could be achieving.  We believe this is a(...) Read more

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Key Learning Ltd

Key Learning has developed a fun, easy and effective way to help people become more digitally efficient, through the creation of KeySpace™ - Touch Typing Application for Kids. Read more

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Kineo Pacific

Kineo Pacific, part of the global Kineo group, is a Wellington-based workplace learning company that helps businesses improve performance through learning and technology. Read more

Kiwa Digital

Kiwa Digital

Kiwa is the world’s leading production house for experiential digital books. At Kiwa, eBooks are more than simple electronic versions of the physical text. Rather, we use technology to enhance the text. We animate content and build on it, making worlds come to life in a way authors have always wished for. Read more

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LearningWorks specialises in Instructional Design, creating training and educational resources. They have considerable experience, expertise and capability in this area and work with major clients both within New Zealand and overseas. Read more



LearnKo uses teachers in NZ and the UK to teach English to Chinese students. All lessons are delivered online, live, and one-one. Read more

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Livewire Learning

Livewire Learning are a secondary school eLearning and workbook publishers providing resources to facilitate self-directed learning. Read more


Maths Adventures

Maths Adventures makes learning maths exciting and fun, a rewarding adventure. We use 21st century thinking, technology’s power, educational theory and what kids love, to make educationally rich apps. We focus on key things needed to progress and succeed in primary and elementary school maths. Our play and learn apps have kids learning as they(...) Read more

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Metia Interactive

Metia Interactive Ltd is a game and intellectual property development company based in Auckland, New Zealand. As well as developing original games and multimedia applications they also provide outsourcing services. Read more

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Morphoss Limited

Morphoss is a growing hi-tech development company doing amazing things with tablets and mobile devices. They're proudly based in Wellington - the political and tech capital of New Zealand. Read more