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CareerForce 300x300


Careerforce's mission is to support sustainable improvements to the health and well being of New Zealander's through workforce training. Read more

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Catalyst Pacific Ltd

Catalyst Pacific help organisations and businesses increase productivity, build 'team spirit', enhance staff engagement and develop leadership potential. Read more



Chalkle is a complete system for delivering great classes in the real world. Chalkle is built to serve the needs of a changing landscape. They provide software and resources so that their partners can run efficient and financially sustainable classes. Read more

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Chrysalis Group

Owner operator Nikeeta Singh and husband Dr Darius Singh had the vision of an inspirational family environment of learning and fun for their own children five years ago. Read more

Cognition Education

Cognition Education Limited

Cognition Education is a leading consultancy focused on educational thinking, design, and impact. Their core business is building the capability of teachers, school leaders, and policy makers to accelerate student learning. Read more

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Competenz is a multi-sector Industry Training Organisation (ITO). They design and manage technical and business qualifications to make sure the New Zealand workforce is highly skilled. Read more

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Contented is a well-established virtual college of modern communication skills, offering online courses in every aspect of digital writing. The directors have always been internet pioneers, training people to write for the web since 1996. Now they focus on teaching modern digital writing skills for professional development. Read more

Creative Strategies 300x300

Creative Strategies

Creative Strategies is a leadership and business development consultancy working in the EdTech sector. Prior to starting his own business principal David Glover was CEO of Learning Media, NZ’s largest educational publisher. Read more

Custard Square 300x300

Custard Square

Custard Square is a dedicated team of creatives with a passion for telling exciting and engaging stories through awesomely original, irresistibly fun, super-sweet games. Read more

DesignWorks 300x300


When design works, it not only adds value to businesses, but to people's lives. When strategic logic meets creative magic, things always change for the better. Read more