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The New Zealand Council for Educational Research are a national research and development organisation with a strong record of independent educational research. They are interested in new thinking and challenging questions. The New Zealand Council for Education Research think there can be productive partnerships between education research and people working in the education technology sector.

People in education technology might come to NZCER to:

  • Get a sense of the big ideas and latest research in education now and into the future
  • Have a conversation about what is happening in your sector and where the research gaps are
  • Find out how to embed research into a development project right at the beginning
  • Get connected to the education sector and people working in schools
  • Find out about the technology innovations already happening in the education sector
  • Collaborate to develop new future-building educational products and services

NZCER has:

  • 25 researchers who take a team approach
  • a statistics team
  • their own publishing arm, NZCER Press
  • Psychological Test Services (PTS), which sells and distributes education, psychological and human resources tests
  • in-house expertise in curriculum, assessment and test design
  • a comprehensive educational library, and in-house sales and distribution

For more information

Contact Name: Rachel Bolstad (Research and Development
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 04 384 7939
Region: Wellington
Industry / Sector: Education Research
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