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Morphoss Limited

Morphoss is a growing hi-tech development company doing amazing things with tablets and mobile devices. They’re proudly based in Wellington – the political and tech capital of New Zealand.

Morphoss has create award-winning technology for business, government and education. Their team has a huge depth of technical and business experience and an outlook both local and global.

The team loves to push the envelope in what tablets and smartphones can do – anything you can imagine. One of their notable projects has been creating the user interface and related software for the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)’s XO Tablet. They can design a specific solution for your business, or create an advanced smartphone or tablet app for download on the web.

Morphoss uses the latest open source and cloud technologies to give you great value without unwanted proprietary lock-in. They use agile development techniques to ensure they’re fast, they’re listening and they’re delivering what you really need.

The name “Morphoss” and the image of the butterfly on a rising sun are all about freeing your ideas and dreams, and using the best technology to turn these into reality.

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Contact Name: Chris Noldus
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Contact Phone: 021836939
Region: Wellington
Industry / Sector: Education Technology