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Book Design makes it easy for you to progress your ideas into reality. Educational design is a specialised area that we have proven experience in.

We understand digital media. Our team works together to keep up with technology. We can convert your content or create a totally new experience to capture your market. We get that more is sometimes not best, so we listen to your requirements and adapt to fit your needs.

We do production. Not all parts of the build process is glamorous and sometimes the hard work just needs to be done. Our systems are flexible enough to work within your content structure.

We know design. Many best selling books have been produced in our studio. You have the dream and we can turn it into reality.

We appreciate budgets. There are many costing scenarios for developing an idea. We are happy to hear yours.

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Contact Phone: 03 322 1185
Region: Christchurch and Auckland
Industry / Sector: E-Publishing
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