USA: Why VCs can’t afford to ignore EdTech any longer

VentureBeat:  “…Two years ago, most top-tier VCs would not have touched an education technology company with a 10-foot pole. That’s all about to change – in fact, it’s already changing.  Take a look at some of the recent bets placed by big-name firms on exciting education companies over the past 12 months: Accel with Lynda, NEA with Desire2Learn and Edmodo, Emergence with Top Hat, a16z with Udacity, Benchmark with Minerva and the list goes on.


The education space is massive, very broken, barely touched by technology and has been largely underserved by entrepreneurs and investors. The opportunity for disruption, significant value creation and outsized returns is huge. Companies that are focused on the education space right now have arguable advantages over their consumer and enterprise technology peers …”  Read more