USA: NewSchools Venture Fund to address shortage of ed-tech capital

VentureBeat: “..Selling technology to schools is still a formidable task, but it’s a far less expensive and extended process than it used to be. And because of this friendlier climate, we’re seeing the second wave of education technology tools and a surge in interest from businesspeople and entrepreneurs. But the education field only received 1 percent of venture capital funding between 1995 and 2011 — and educational startups still face a critical shortage of resources.


Oakland, Calif.-based NewSchools Venture Fund was formed 15 years ago to fund technology intended for K-12 schools. To meet the needs of educators and entrepreneurs, the nonprofit discussed its expansion plans this week, including strategic partnerships with venture firm Rethink Education and, the charitable arm of social-game publisher Zynga.  “Education is undergoing a long-awaited revolution,” said NewSchools’ CEO Ted Mitchell [above]. The partnerships will merge “cutting-edge technology with forward-thinking capital on behalf of kids’ learning,” he explained…”  Read more