Kobo experiments with experiential game

PW:  “… Kobo has ventured into new territory, creating an alternate reality game calledThe Descent for a three-week contest to help promote the launch of Dan Brown’s new novel Inferno.


The Canadian-based company enlisted U.K. self-published author J. F. Penn to write three original short stories in a similar style to Brown’s mysteries, which can be downloaded for free. Clues, puzzles, signs and symbols that readers can follow and solve have been embedded within the e-books to allow readers to play the role of Brown’s protagonist, channeling their “inner Robert Langdon” Kobo is offering more clues on Facebook and Twitter. The first reader who solves the mystery will win $5,000 and a Kobo Glo e-reader signed by Brown. (Four other runners-up will also win signed e-readers.)…”  Read more