India: NexThought Monday – ‘Ed-Tech’ Opportunities

Next “…To say that education technology is on the rise is an understatement. With the global education market currently valued at $4.4 trillion and estimates of 23 percent growth by 2017, ed-tech is set to make new entrances into education throughout the world over the next five years. As ed-tech innovators seek new markets for emerging innovations, one place they should look is India’s Affordable Private School (APS) sector.


APS institutions provide a low-cost private education to communities throughout the developing world by charging enrollment fees as low as $5.50 a month per student. With an estimated 300,000-400,000 APS schools in India that serve 65 percent of school age students, there is a robust market of schools that have the flexibility and competitive market incentives to experiment with new technology products. APS schools already spend an estimated $2,048 a year on technology interventions and as the demand for technology grows, so will their technology expenditures…” Read more