UK: DigitalMe Leads Open Badge Design in the UK with Support of The Nominet Trust

The EdTech Times: “… DigitalMe’s pioneering online badging initiative, Badge the UK encourages learners to develop digital making skills and showcase their achievements to the world… DigitalMe’s exciting new ‘online badging’ initiative, ‘Badge the UK’ is using Mozilla Open Badges to enable the worldwide recognition of in-demand workplace skills and create new employment opportunities for young people.


Today learning happens everywhere and the skills learned outside of the formal curriculum are just as important to employers as qualifications. Badge the UK is a new project which will enable learners to demonstrate all their achievements using digital badges.  Run by DigitalMe and supported by Nominet Trust, Badge the UK will help teachers, employers and social enterprises to badge their learning programmes and provide an easy way for any teacher to award the badges they create nationwide.  These badges will highlight the achievement of a range of skills that learners develop through real-life learning projects, after-school clubs and outside experiences. All of which are important to employers in today’s digital world, but aren’t recognised by traditional qualifications…”  Read more