Canada: The 12 Principles of Collaboration

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning:    “…Since the introduction of web 2.0 or what is called the ” social web”, the users’ relationship with the web has completely changed. Before, the web was static ( web 1.0) and users have a limited choice to what they can do with it. In fact, they were only able to read and consume the content but with the uptake of web 2.0 technologies people become producers of content. They can publish, share, tag, comment, interact, and collaborate.
Collaboration is a skill central to the 21st century learning; not that it was not important before but with the use of interactive digital technologies, learners need to draw more on their collaborative skills to enhance their learning . Collaboration has several features and principles. It is a learnable skill that we need to teach to our students through hands-on activities. In this regard, I am sharing with you this wonderful graphic on the  12 principles of collaboration. Check it out below and share it with your colleagues and students…”  Read more